Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. This is a completely free load board. We have been providing a free truckload board since 2003 when we started Trulos as a way for shippers to connect with carriers on a totally free platform. you don't even have to sign up or log in to search for freight. Super easy and fast.
It is hard to say becuase everything is updated in real time but we estimate that we are averaging about 100,000 loads posted during week days and not that many people are working on the weekend.
We estimate about 1500 - 2000 people a day are using the site to transact. The number of users continues to grow as more and more people discover Trulos every day.
Yes. On each truckload search page there is a way to sort or filter the results to find partials. One of the fastest way to find partial fright is to use the Truckload search. If you are looking for flatbed hotshot freight choose the flatbed option and it will show all the partial LTL truck loads.
The freight postings on the truckload board are updated in real time. Basically almost every second there is a change made to either delete, add or update a truckload or partial freight post.
The state by state truckload search was our first load board display concept and is still our most popular truckload search feature.
The state by state truckload search is a simple and really fast way to see freight by state. You click on a state then click on the equipment and then BOOM truckload results are displayed almost as fast as you click the button. You can sort the truckload posting by clicking on the header.
The Zip / City Truckload Search is where you are able to enter either a City, ST or a zip code and find the freight closest to your truck or drivers location. It ia super fast truckload search and the results are sortable by the headers.
All you have to do is call the number listed on the truckload search result and discuss the shipment with the freigth broker or direct shipper.
Yes, we have a lot of brokers and especially direct shipers that are not anywhere else. Since we don't charge for anything and make posting loads super easy we have a lot of shippers and freight brokers looking for trucks.
We do make a little bit of money on advertising but the main reason is that the founder of Trulos Transportation believes in the internet and sees Trulos as a way to help change the industry a little bit by putting great tools in the hands of truckers for free. If we can help provide a tool that enables a trucker to save time or money then we feel we have helped their bottom line. The ability for us to help truckers is what gets us working on this site everyday. We do like money but we don't actually make enough to support us ful time. Everyone that helps with this site works other jobs to support our passion to MAKE TRUCKING GREAT.
We want to MAKE TRUCKING GREAT. We solidly believe that by unleashing assounding free products in the trucking marketplace we are going to lower the cost for every trucker. Why would someone pay for a service when you can get it for free. We don't believe that truckers should be charged for everything. The free load board started a long time ago when the founder was a database and technology building projects for some of the worlds biggest truck lines. It became apparent that the load board technology is so easy to build and distribute that it shoudl be free. Why are companies still charging 100 of dollars a month for prodcuts that add very little value. We keep the truckers bottom line in mnd on everything and then we develope products and see the advertising on them. We are going make BIG Business pay for these and make technology free to those that will benefit most from saving a few dollars.
Advertising from a few sponcers and through users clicking on ads they like from the site. If everyone would click on an advertisement or use a product it would be awesome. We would be able to work on developing new trucking products full time. We appreciate every user we have and want to say thank you for reading this far in to a page full of information. It must mean that you like us :D .
Trulos was founded in about 2003. We started serving up free loads full time around then. We are still a small company that is able to create technology super fast when asked or we see a need and have grown into one of the best destinations on the Internet for truckers.
We have a JSON integration where you can send us GPS coordinates, radius and equipment and receive back all the freight in the area. You can post this to your map or dispatch system. It is all free right now but may need to charge if we out grow our servers.
We are working on a way to have our dispatch users request quotes from drivers in real time. Our goal is to enable the technology to actualy streamline and help companies facilitate relationships rather then simply replace the phone call. Another idea is to create mini networks or relationships between the carrier and broker or carrier and shipper that enables them to pick up freight or assign it automatically to an available driver. Then we will work on making the trucks fly over traffic and be able to land like a helicopter at a shipper's location.

Video On Finding Freight in 30 Seconds

Easy to Use

This truckload search is one of the easiest to use. Just pick a state, select the equipment and the available truckloads are listed

Super Fast Search

One you have the results sort the columns to find the ones you want to call. Every serach is sort first by origin city. We like to click on destination state and see results on what sates to go to or bring up all the partials shipments.

Lots of Frieght

This one displays lots of truckload postings. Click on the to see more info quickly