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Viewing 5 shipments from MN for Van

Pickup Date Origin Dest City Dest State Length Weight F/P Rate Contact Routing
04/22/2024 Barnesville MN Grand Forks ND 53 45 Full 550 Fuze Logistics Services USA Inc
Whitney - 7634323680
food grade
Google Maps
04/26/2024 BRAINERD MN MILTON PA 53 41 Full 0 Logistic Dynamics
Dispatch - 9099230005
Reference Load #1476296
Google Maps
04/22/2024 BRAINERD MN MILTON PA 53 10 Full 0 Logistic Dynamics
Dispatch - 9099230005
Reference Load #1476285
Google Maps
04/22/2024 FARIBAULT MN ABINGDON VA 53 41 Full 0 Sureway Transportation Co / Anderson Trucking Serv
KATIE KEEFE - 8443880144
[email protected]
Google Maps
04/25/2024 OTSEGO MN COOKEVILLE TN 9 Full 0 DSV Road
Dispatch - 6307350078
V53 PALLETS Br650-DSV Road Itasca, IL
Google Maps

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