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How To Avoid Fraud When Using a Load Board

Trucking is a huge industry and believe it or not there is fraud. As the industry moves to take freight brokers out of the middle of the transaction it opens up an unregulated marketplace that is ripe for fraud. Take a few steps to protect yourself.

Don’t Get Tracked Just Because You Want To Find Truckloads

Did you know you when you log in to an app or to a website you are probably being tracked. Phone apps especially. … When you use Trulos load board you don’t have to sign in, You don’t get tracked. Enjoy using the free load board with total peace of mind that we don’t actually […]

Best Load Board for Freight Brokers to Post Loads

Truckload-Freight-ForecastOk. Maybe this is a little biased but we really think Trulos is the best place fora broker to post freight on. We do have a couple of reasons.

Load Board With Rates

Desktop-PCHow to find loads with rates on the Trulos Free Load Board

How To Find High Paying Freight

shutterstock_62238007This will be really quick way to show our load board users a few steps to try and get better freight rates.

ELD Final Rule

Here is a link to the final ruling regarding the ELD Mandate.

Automatic Truckload Tendering

If everyone can get notified in a second when freight is available will this make the marketplace for spot quotes better or worse. We will see Trulos.com is developing an instant notification for drivers and will soon enable communication in a text message for posting companies to find carriers that are aligned to receive freight requests going there way.

ELD Truck Mandate Information

ELD mandate is coming up quick. If it doesn't get stopped by OOIDA then we will all have ELDs in the truck. Many people are selling great products. The FMCSA basically states that every long haul truck driver has to have one of these things. Unless:

Rates pay more West to East and North to South

East to west or west to east. Need to watch the flow of truckload freight.

How to use a load board

Basic overview of free load board