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Natural Disasters Kick-Start Trucking Rates, Tighten Capacity – Trucks.com

At Trulos.com the Free Load Board has seen a lot of activity for FEMA loads and loads heading to areas affected by natural disasters.

Truckers Are in No Hurry to Have Their Hours Tracked

Drivers worry about lost income with a December rule requiring electronic logs... And some people are looking forward to this happening.

Pace of Trucking Industry Change About To Hit Warp Speed  | Trucks.com

Autonomous driving trucks are being tested, Platooning is here already and Tesla has a way to prevent 90% of accidents and is so sure it can do it that it is going to start offering insurance.

Trucking Industry Fears Effect of Hurricane Irma Hitting Georgia, N.C.

Trucking analysts fear widespread industry disruption as Hurricane Irma threatens the Eastern Seaboard, especially if it hits freight distribution centers. Source: Trucking Industry Fears Effect of Hurricane Irma Hitting Georgia, N.C.

Tesla Semi Could Disrupt Trucking Industry

Could is probably not the right work. Will is more like it after watching a few videos about the subject.

FEMA Loads

There will be thousands of loads. Many of them will be posted on Trulos.com Free Load Board

How to Add A Customer to Trulos Dispatch

How a trucking company would add a direct shipper or broker to the Trulos Dispatch System.

How to ship direct with a shipper

Trulos Load PostingWe are seeing and talking to a lot of shippers that would like to ship direct with carriers.

Podcasts for Truckers

I just started listening to a lot of Podcasts related to the trucking industry.  I hadn’t really listened any podcasts until about 3 months ago and found a great one called S-Town and some TED Talks.  I figured there should be some good ones for trucking and did a search and started listening. Here are […]

UBER Freight to Sponsor Concert at GATS

Should be a good show and I would like to see what UBER Freight is up to.  I think this may be the first time I have seen a Freight Broker sponsored a truck show event.  I have been listening to some pod casts and it seems like Uber Freight is getting good reviews from […]